How to snap out of that bad mood: 10 mood-boosting tips

So it is January, its cold, its miserable, and all we want to do is curl up in bed and watch our favourite Netflix shows on repeat. Some of us might have experienced some pretty bad days at work, an awful boss or a pretty unpleasant commute back home. There may be some of you who are going through a really tough time, and a quick fix may not be that easy. However, all I can say is that whatever you are going through, we all have those good days and our challenging ones.

Write things down

Writing is a great way to get your thoughts and feelings out, in addition to releasing built up emotion or pain. Writing has such power, whether you choose to write for yourself or for an audience, this could be a great way to improve your mood both in the short term and long term.

Have a good cry

Cry? Yes cry! I find having a good cry releases all that built up emotion. After a good crying session, I feel so much better.


It is often said that we look our most beautiful when we are smiling. When we smile, it sends messages to our brain that we are happy, even when we are not. Smiling simply reduces our anxiety and relaxes our body. A great tip which one of my friends shared, is to write on a post it note ‘ Smile’ stick this to a mirror and this will remind you to take your smile wherever you go.

Apply some Makeup

A good way I cheer myself up when I am having a bad day is to play around with my makeup. I find putting makeup on relaxes my anxiety and makes me feel better and more confident about myself. Check out my latest instagram post here, where I have listed all the products for my latest look, try it out!

Go for a walk

At times when I feel stressed or down, I have found walking to be really beneficial in improving my mood. Walking is such a simple form of exercise that promotes a feel good factor inside, and allows you to relax and take in the scenery around, instead of the problem that might have been bringing you down. Try walking in places which make you feel calm and happy, choose your safe place which you can go to.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing is a great way to shift the attention of something else than the problem at hand. I try to breathe in for 4 second and out for 6 seconds, I then repeat this 3 times. I find it really helps.


Hydrating is very important, when I have a glass of water I find I have a clearer head and I feel more energised and more focused. As I suffer from debilitating headaches, drinking water is vital in keeping my migraines at bay. If your not a fan of water, try drinking herbal teas or green teas such as Matcha green tea.  Check out my blog post about the benefits of green tea. 

Take a bath

I find taking a bath is a great way to burst those negative thoughts away. Relax, refresh and unwind. If there was a product that has really helped me to ‘chillax’ and help me sleep Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax has won hands down. This product I found not only can be used at bedtime to aid sleep, but can be used at any time of the day when I feel achy or in pain.

Look up a recipe and start cooking

This may sound bizarre, but I find it rather therapeutic to chop up vegetables and start cooking. There is something quite wonderful about focusing your attention on just one thing, and its amazing how suddenly your body easies up and you feel better about your self.

Listen to your favourite Music

Music is so powerful, it can shift our mood at both ends of the scale. Different types of music can elevate our mood as well as calm you down in times of stress. We all appreciate different types of music so generate your playlist in times of need.




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