The Miracle Mask which never lets me down: Una Brennan Superfacialist Mask review

My skin is going through a tough time at the moment. I am having a little breakout, and is looking rather dull, no thanks to the cold and dry weather we are experiencing in London at the moment.

Why I Iove this product

Una Brennan Superfacialist has been a firm favourite in my essential weekly skincare routine. The mask contains Salicylic Acid, great to purify those pores and also acts as an inflammatory to help breakdown spots even after one use. This mask doesn’t leave my face dry, and all that is needed is a small amount of moiseriser. The texture is smooth and goes onto my skin really easily and dries quickly, however does not feel too hard like many clay masks I have tried.

How I use this product


Once a week I use a 50p sized amount and apply an even layer on my face. However, I apply more product to troublesome areas for e.g, if I had spots on my chin, I would apply more product on this area than my cheek. I then leave the mask on for at least 5 minutes, but I aim for around 15 minutes for a good cooking time. My general rule for masks, is to take a bath, put on your mask and relax. I simply rinse the mask off with warm water or with a warm wet flannel or muslin cloth. This mask has quite a strong smell, so try and arrange applying this mask around washing your hair, this way the smell will not linger.


I find in my troublesome areas such as my chin and nose after using Una Brennan’s Superfacilaist, the redness in my complexion is less and my spots are less prominent. Additionally, my face appears brighter and glowing as if I had an hour in the spa. Regular use of this mask will minimise pores and keep most spots at bay. Overall, I find that this mask makes your skin feel fresh and dewy.

Furthermore, I love the feeling when you first apply makeup after applying this mask, your skin feels fabulous and new!


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