New Year New Apps: 5 apps to help you succeed in 2016

January is back and brings resolutions, diets changes and new beginnings. I would like to share some apps, which have been helpful for me in many ways and hopefully will be useful for you too. 


This app is ideal for beginners or for those who are a little rusty and want to get back into their running shoes. After being ill a few years ago, I lost quite a bit of my strength and fitness, C25K was a perfect guide for building up my endurance and confidence. You alternate between walking and running until you are running for 25 minutes. I love how you can also listen to your own music while using the app.

My Fitness Pal

If your looking to watch the calories as well as keep track of exercise, fitness pal is the one for you. You can look up a whole range of different branded food and set targets. I find this app keeps me on track with conjunction to other fitness or diet plans. Fitness Pal is a good ‘go to’ guide to stay motivated, or if your just starting out on your fitness journey.


Have you ever been in a situation where you suddenly needed to take your mind off something? This is the app for you. Pause is rather simple; you slowly move a large blog around your screen and the idea is that you get distracted and your thoughts and anxieties are melted away. I like using Pause especially on the bus when there is a lot of noise and distractions, it helps me deflect this and keep a period of calm.

Yoga Studio 

This app is perfect for all you Yogi bears out there and for newbies. Yoga Studio is perfect for choosing and selecting hours of Yoga classes from beginners to advanced. I really like app as you can create your own classes by selecting from 260 moves.


I would be lost without this little gem. Citymapper conveniently covers live departure information for all modes of transport around London and several other cities around the world. If you choose to ride the train, bus, tube or tram, Citymapper has it covered.







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