The tea you should all be drinking in 2016 Matcha Green Tea: Vitalife

I have a secret. I am tea fanatic. I have around 15 varieties of tea on the go, from traditional breakfast tea to Jasmine. My favourite tea at the moment, especially in the morning is Vitalife Japanese Matcha Green tea. This is not like any green tea, this really is an elite tea. Matcha Green tea is a superior tea from Japan. It is packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber and chlorophyll (a green pigment).


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First Thoughts

At first the smell of the tea, reminded me of a mild form of cut grass. It may take some of you a few sips to get used to, but this electric green tea has a very detoxing yet calming effect on me, and I am hooked!

This tea has numerous health benefits….


Energy booster

Matcha has slow releasing energy, which will help to keep you going longer than your average cup of coffee. This healthier caffeine will help stop your daily crash. 

Weight loss 

Matcha, boosts your metabolism and helps keep those pounds at bay. Matcha is calorie free, and helps control those hunger cravings. Since drinking this tea, I have certainly noticed a difference in my naughty snacking habits.

Tastes oh so good 

I find some green teas, taste on the bitter side, thankfully Vitalife has a lovely sweet, yet fresh taste to it. Matcha tea enthusiasts advise, that you can tell a good Matcha from a bad, by its taste. Matcha shouldn’t taste bitter.


I have been a Matcha addict for over a year now and I find that this tea makes me feel calm and improves my mood. I discovered this is because of the amino acid L-theanine present in the Matcha which relaxes and calms the body.

How to prepare this drink? 

This drink is so easy to prepare. Add ½ teaspoon of the Matcha powder to hot water, not boiling and whisk. (This is where a hand held electric milk frother comes in handy) 

One last thing

You can drink it hot or cold…. It tastes just as nice.





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