Will an ear piercing be the Cure for my Migraine Nightmare?

Imagine your wearing a helmet; now visualise someone pouring cement into this helmet. Now picture somebody pressing all his or her weight onto your helmet. This is how my head feels, daily. Now add a banging hammer into one side of your head, or all over for that matter. Welcome Mr Migraine.

My life has been on hold since March 2015, due to a persistent daily headache. I had to give up work, because it was impossible to continue with my constant migraine. This was a very hard decision for me, as I was just starting out my career, and the decision wasn’t taken lightly. Strip lighting, spending eight hours at a computer screen were not so kind for me.

My migraines started in 2014 and I have been under the care of a neurologist. I take medication, twice a day, however these have not stopped the ongoing headache. In addition to practical treatments, I have tried acupuncture, cranial osteopathy, chiropractic treatment, diet changes, exercise, homeopathy and tinted lenses to name a few.

I discovered through vast amounts of posts on social media and newspapers articles that getting a ‘daith piercing’ could cure your headaches. This is a piercing which passes through the ears innermost cartilage fold. The internet was trending with pictures of trendy ear piercings with captions such as “33 days migraine free!”

If you had been in constant pain for 253 days and had a chance of a cure. Wouldn’t you jump at the chance at taking your ticket out of a living hell?

A piercing shop was highly recommended on Facebook and so I booked an appointment and headed over. Walking up to what was quite a dingy looking stairway up to a piercing shop, still to a sterile environment. I went in with an open mind, one that was optimistic, and one a little apprehensive. If medical grounds have failed me so far, how can a piercing help me?

The piercing was painless. Waxing and threading, in my opinion hurts more. It was interesting that the piercer said that in that week he had pierced 40 daiths for migraine.

As I walked out of the shop, my headache vanished,  for two hours. I believe this was a placebo effect, however having had a headache every day since March 20th, I felt elevated and relief. Reading reviews of others who had the piercing ‘daithers’ as they are referred to on social media sites,  many said it took around 7-10 days until they experienced any form of pain relief. Conversely, some say that the piercing didn’t work for them.

Post Daith Piercing:

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Six days since having my daith piercing my pain level for the first time has reduced from a pain level of 6/7 to a 2. For the first time in nine months it seemed like there was only a slight headache. At this time, it is too early to tell whether this is just coincidence, a placebo effect, or just a miracle.

After having three days of what seemed like no headache at all, on the fourth day my headache returned. I do believe this was because I did too much, in excitement of having the ‘old me’ back. However, I do feel a lot better in myself.

Suggestion for why the piercing has relieved pain

The piercing targets the same pressure point which relieves headaches and migraines used in Acupuncture.

For those migraine and headache sufferers out there contemplating getting a piercing, my advice is:

Check out the reviews of the piercing shop online, this will give you and indication to see if they are satisfactory.

The daith piercing has not been officially approved in the UK as a medical treatment for migraines.

This piercing may not be everyones cup of tea, it will take four or five months to fully heal.

For all of you achey heads out there, what have you got to loose?  This could be the cure you are looking for, in addition to fabulously accessorising your ear. However, keep an open mind, please let me stress that this is NOT medically approved.

I will update you with how I am getting on with my daith.





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